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"Ye Shall Be As Gods"

"Ye Shall Be As Gods"


Brain Health

\ˈbrān & \ ˈmīnd

A cocktail of cerebral cosmetics when you can’t makeup your mind.



Flat citrus soda, Pinot Grigio must


Main 3 Flora:

Sage, Tulsi, Pomegranate Seed, & Ashwaghanda Dust


Makes about 30 cups of tea when using 1 Tbsp for an 8oz cup or 2 Tbsp for a whole pot 

4oz Retail bag



This tea is not suitable for anyone who might be or is currently pregnant.

Please consult your doctor prior to use if you have any concerns or questions on whether product should be taken.

  • Sage- salvianolic acid, mood enhancer.

    Tulsi- eugenol, Adaptogen.

    Pomegranate Seed- Punicalagin, Antioxidant

    Ashwaghanda Dust- withanolides ,adaptogen

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