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An ageless man of primitive nature who exists subconsciously, (albeit, the current dream i’m recalling) equips a single turquoise canteen. The man travels on foot down the earthen paths of a civilization he is not indigenous to, but has inherited through the journey. Random towns folk and passers by approach the ageless man with the turquoise canteen. Oblivious to the timeless mystery encroaching the land, they request a drink.  For most it always fulfilled a different necessity. To some, a way to prayer, rite of passage, the ability to dream. 

The Values

Our mission and sole purpose of being is to provide you with hand selected & delicately crafted herbal teas, masterfully blended in house by intelligible sages that rely on years of wisdom, like some divine oracle, to produce a different type of experience.

The goal is to always create a personal connection through individual blends for personal wellness. The mix of both common and unique ingredients creates an opportunity for excitement and an expanse of knowledge. Therefore, along with our teas, we provide the opportunity to understand what main ingredients we use and how they benefit you.


The Dream

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