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Somatic Singularity

Somatic Singularity


Super Immune Boost


While not quite offering up omnipotent herculean vitality, somatic singularity is potent enough to accommodate discussions of the future with your artificially intelligent clairvoyant home assistant.



Seraphim sweat. Pre-baked dough. Freshly cut grass.


Main 3 Flora:

Olive Leaf, Elderberry, & Cat’s Claw


Makes about 30 cups of tea when using 1 Tbsp for an 8oz cup or 2 Tbsp for a whole pot 

4oz Retail bag



Please consult your doctor prior to use if you have any concerns or questions on whether product should be taken.

  • Olive Leaf- Oleuropein, Antihypertensive

    Elderberry-  anthocyanidin. Antioxidant.

    Cat’s Claw- rhynchophylline, Adaptogen. Antimutagenic

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