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Hello and welcome to
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It started as a dream...

Our mission and sole purpose of being is to provide you with hand selected & delicately crafted herbal teas, masterfully blended  in house by intelligible sages that rely on years of wisdom, like some divine oracle, to produce a different type of experience.

Upcoming Events

Events are constantly changing so check back regularly to see where to find us
The Teas

Herbal alchemy for the 5th   world paradigm 

At Turquoise Canteen, we provide complex simplicity that does not and will not complicate the experience of consuming tea.

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What People Say

Best Christmas present ever!! My daughter gave me a cast iron tea pot and these teas and they are so good!  If you like or need some homemade tea with real ingredients, this is the company to go to!
I love getting to try new teas and flavors, so these teas have really been great! I love how they use natural and unique ingredients!
It’s so nice to be able to relax with my favorite teas specifically customized to my needs! Thank you Turquoise Canteen!
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